NASA Air Traffic Operations Lab


At NASA Langley’s Air Traffic Operations Laboratory (ATOL), pilots and air traffic controllers have a unique opportunity to improve or develop new air traffic management concepts and procedures by simulating the Next Generation Air Transportation System which will transform and enhance how airplanes traverse the sky through satellite-based technology. The ATOL has more than 500 computing platforms, each simulating a high-fidelity aircraft with advanced technologies. The ATOL can also generate hundreds more lower-fidelity background traffic aircraft. The ATOL also has eight air traffic control stations that can be configured to support en-route, terminal, and tower operations.

NASA Atol 1    NASA Atol 2

Live Wall Media Solution

  • Two Video Walls
  • 4×3 video wall using 55″ displays
  • 3×3 video wall using 55″ displays
  • Two Video Processors
  • 56 HD outputs
  • 56 VGA inputs
  • Live Wall Control software




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