Video Distribution with KVM


Secure Connectivity Solution for Command & Control

Live Wall Media’s range of KVM solutions gives a user ultimate control to any source on a network, all from a single workspace. Our KVM solutions combined with our video processors allow access to sources and the ability to share those sources onto a video wall. Making it a popular choice for command and control installations, as well as other AV applications. Developed for demanding command and control environments and other AV applications. Including utility operations, process control, national defense and emergency services, corporate boardrooms, and broadcast media centers.

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  • Zero latency and visually lossless — Control a variety of sources as if they were local in superb clarity.
  • One Control—Control multiple PCs with one keyboard and mouse. The mouse will glide across screens and automatically control the source.
  • Real time control of up to 2000 remote sources.
  • Push and Pull Support.
    • Pull any source to your workstation.
    • Control sources and push content to other users or onto video walls.
    • Monitor sources controlled by other users.
Small, Efficient, and Discreet Transmitters and Receivers

Able to support mixed copper and fiber versions in a single network.

KVM Over IP Transmitter

  • HD over IP extender with multi-point KVM support
  • DVI-I Input with DVI-I loop through port
  • 1GB network connection. Copper (RJ45) or fiber(SFP+) versions available
  • One USB2.0 Type-B port for connecting into a host (i.e. source PC)
  • RS232, line audio extension support

KVM Over IP Receiver

  • HD over IP extender with multi-point KVM support
  • DVI-I Output Port
  • 1GB network connection. Copper (RJ45) or fiber(SFP+) versions available
  • Three USB2.0 Type-A client ports for connecting to USB devices (keyboard & mouse)
  • RS232, line audio extension support


Instant Connectivity
  • Allow a single workstation to have access to hundreds of remote sources.
  • The latest video transfer technology provides instant KVM control to the user.
  • KVM allows organizations to scale their network to their needs.
  • From a single point-to-point Arqa setups to large scale setups that connect hundreds of devices.
Increased Productivity
  • Relocating computing equipment away from the workstation results in more space, a safer, tidier workplace and a reduction in fan noise and heat, leading to a more productive working environment.
Security Focus
  • Create a network air-gap for non-intrusive access to sources.
  • Server room security with PCs in secure location.
  • Removing vulnerable peripherals that may present security risk.
  • Hardware-based solution when software KVM is prohibited.
System Redundancy
  • Access to more than one mission critical PC means that if one should fail, an operator can switch to another PC without the entire operation being halted.
Cost Effective
  • Make applications running on dedicated servers accessible to all users/workstations.
Simplified Maintenance
  • Have a single location for maintenance and servicing with minimal disturbance.

Network Manager


  • Fast & reliable network device discovery
  • Manages video routing and sharing over a simple 1Gb network
  • Source preview for simple visual identification of networked endpoints
  • Create personalized workstation configurations with One Control
  • Create and manage multi-head configurations for extending systems with multiple outputs
  • Control connections via the Network Manager UI or via a graphical OSD (On-Screen Display) direct at the endpoints
  • Use the Session Monitor to show a historical view of who connected to what, and when
  • Multiple Device Viewing Options—Multiple viewing options makes it easier to gain an overview of available devices. Options available include List View, Grid View and Tree View.
  • User Rights Management—User logins ensure users only gain access to the sources and screens they are authorized for. The functions include user accounts and roles, and access to specific resources.
  • Available for purchase and supplied in a USB case
  • Runs on any Windows PC connected to the KVM network


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