About Us

About Us

We're tightly connected with our customers

Every system Live Wall Media delivers is tailored to the specific requirements of our clients. Each system is fully tested prior to shipment, we take great pride in every installation we complete. As a testament to the durability of our systems and our post installation support, several of our clients have replaced their initial systems with upgraded versions after several years use. We look forward to discussing your control room requirements.

Dedicated Teams

During your entire engagement with Live Wall Media, starting with the first phone call and throughout the installation and training process, you will work with the same Live Wall team members.

Leaders in our Field

Live Wall team members are experts in control room video wall system technologies. Live Wall Media focuses exclusively on command and control center video systems.

Focus on Communications

Clear, regular and prompt communications is key to successful projects. Your Live Wall Media team understand this providing fast responses to your questions and regular status updates to your team and other professions working on your project.

Tailored Solutions

Each system solution we design is tailored to meet your specific requirements, be it technical, operational or facility related.

How it works

Our Work Progress

  • Requirement Analysis

    We focus on your project goals and develop a list of requirements based on the best technologies available.

  • Design & Proposal

    When the list of requirements is fully defined, we will then design a system that meets your requirements and present a detailed proposal package for your review.

  • Project Management, Installation, and Training

    Once the proposal has been accepted, the project management process begins including regular meetings and status updates that lead up to the installation of the system and training of your staff

  • Ongoing Support

    After the training process is complete our Critical Care Support Plan ensures that you receive prompt support for any questions or issues and that your system is always up to date.

Driven By Values, Delivering On Vision

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