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Live Wall Media provides complete turnkey Video Wall and video over IP solutions. Our products range from vivid and dynamic LED and LCD video walls, state-of-the-art video processors, and streaming AV with KVM over IP. Our team has decades of experience testing and evaluating video products, installing large technology projects, and providing superior service and support.

Perfect Solutions For Any Industry


Visualize and monitor the distribution network in real time. Gain better overview of day-to-day operations and communications. More effectively manage outage events.

Public Safety

Provides a surveillance network to monitor public spaces, events and emergency situations. Improve the safety of the entire community including safety personnel, residents, and property.


Tools for collaboration among distributed teams. Monitor remote locations to collect valuable data.


Enhance the Coordination of field activities and the provides ability to quickly deploy and reallocate resources in dynamic situations. Gain visibility into a wide network of video inputs.


Monitor world events for quick reaction to dynamic situations. View input from around the world to coordinate effective response.

Traffic Management

Real-time visualization of traffic situations throughout your community. Enables better management of resources to minimize the impact accidents and other incidents.

About Live Wall Media

Your Video Wall System Leader

Every system Live Wall Media delivers is tailored to the specific requirements of our clients. Each system is fully tested prior to shipment, we take great pride in every installation we complete. As a testament to the durability of our systems and our post installation support, several of our clients have replaced their initial systems with upgraded versions after several years use. We look forward to discussing your control room requirements.

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