Harvard Graduate School of Design


Since its founding, the Harvard Graduate School of Design has been a crossroads of learning and intellectual debate. Today, the School continues to build on that legacy, firm in the conviction that a multiplicity of voices and viewpoints is essential to our mission of imagining and shaping the future of the built environment. 

Just as the challenges we face are diverse, increasingly linked across cultural and geographic lines, so too must be our solutions and approaches. To foster innovation and bring about real change, we must ensure the expression of individual positions and come together across lines of difference. The simultaneous presence of these two conditions is at the heart of the GSD’s commitment to diversity. 

Project specifics

  • Application – Visualization
  • Location – Cambridge, MA

Live Wall Solution

  • Live Wall Media 3x2video wall using 46” Ultra Thin Bezel displays
  • Video wall size 120” x 63”
  • Video wall resolution 5760 x 3240 pixels
  • VP 40i Video Processor with 12 HD video outputs, 6 HD video inputs
  • Wall control software and remote
  • Installation and training
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